@BCN Més office

Afternoons spent working in the office with the doors wide open: 2 ~ Mini humans marvelling at Marc Torrent’s big Eat Street posters we put up in our office window: 7 ~ Swimming-pool-type puddles that formed in front of the office after torrential spring rains: 3 ~ Sunburnt tourists spotted in shorts so far: 9 ~ New Tecnocasa offices opened in the barri: 2 ~ Friends thinking of leaving because they can’t pay the rent whilst doing what they love: 2 ~ Nights we spent partying in Gràcia: 0 ~ Graciencs spotted partying in Poble Sec: 1? ~ Minutes spent “on hold” with logistics companies: 51 ~ Wireless keyboards and trackpads that ran out of batteries in crucial moments: 3 ~ Monthly office rent in euros for 130m2: 550 ~ Duration of our contract: 5 years ~ Years remaining: 2.5 ~ Likelihood we’ll have to change barrio because we can’t afford office space in Poble Sec, out of 10: 9 ~ Random funny email of the month: “I would like to be baptized soon. But is it correct you are not open during the weekend? If so my ask whether the 4 hours are in one session or multiple? Because I can only come after work…”

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