@BCN Més office in March


Vegetable seeds planted: 35 ~ Immaterial seeds planted: 3 ~ Times Barcelona made us proud: 2 ~ Butano trucks stolen by drugged up Swedes: just the 1 ~ Times truth was stranger than fiction: 6 ~ Keyboard shortcuts learned that we can’t believe we lived without for years: 1 ~ Autónomo fee bounces: 2 ~ Drunken Mobile Word Congress visitors in our favorite bars: 7 ~ Spam comments on the post “plecs elàstics” (it’s an art expo, assholes!): 109 ~ Excitement level induced by Cruilla’s headlining bands (out of 10): 1.24 ~ Time spent fabricating totally fake news: 0 (we’ll work on that one, promised!) ~ Time spent sneezing: 3m 21sec (big fat cold going around these days) ~ Average number of bad cortados consumed during not very productive meetings: 1.8 ~ Average number of cold beers consumed during very productive meetings: 4 ~ To-do list apps downloaded by Joe: 1 ~ Odds he sticks to it: 1:200 ~ Times we stepped into dog shit: oops. sorry. we forgot to count. ~

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