Architect Rafael Gómez-Moriana writes in that “Gentrification is like cancer: everything seems to cause it, and there’s no cure.” It is indeed hard to point the finger at one…

The Pelu Plague


I just couldn’t take it anymore. I barged through the front door of Quins Pels hair salon, interrupted the two women’s conversation, and demanded answers. “Why,” I asked, “are there…

—Mama, tu donaries la vida per un bilió de nens? Un bilió, eh! —Com? Què? —És igual. Tu donaries la vida per mi, oi? —Cada dia la dono per tu.

- Max & Mum by Judit Oritz

BComú, after capping their own salaries, collected the excess into a €216.000 fund destined to 26 citizen initiatives. Present proposals until 21.03 here:

- we take our hats off momentarily for BComú

El tot és la suma de les parts.

- Lema del mes

@BCN Més office


– – Vegetable seeds planted: 35 ~ Immaterial seeds planted: 3 ~ Times Barcelona made us proud: 2 ~ Butano trucks stolen by drugged up Swedes: just the 1 ~…