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Nave de Sake

All of the circumstance, none of the pomp I find myself taking a goods lift up into a converted office space now known as La Nave de Sake, replacing my…

Salas culturales

Venues con programación

La Nau Bostik

For you cultural agitators, an interview with Xavier Basiana is an education in risk, cultural management, and how the Ajuntament de Barcelona plays the game. This architect, photographer and promoter…

Espacio La Patente

La Patente

Barcelona entrepreneurial stories beginning with something similar to “I worked in advertising and realized that every day I wanted to rip out my eyeballs and carve out my soul” are…


Bloc Onze

Can Batlló has been mentioned in these recycled paper pages before. Nos pone. Scha-wing! Formerly a giant textile complex, it’s so large that in 1976 it was zoned for social…


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Ajo Bike {Suscriptor}

Te metes por el Raval y te pierdes. Callejeas. Vamos, lo que se viene llamando “ravalear”. Ilusos, creíamos que conocíamos el Raval como la palma de nuestra propia mano, pero…