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When Andre 3000 wrote “Vibrate” he went the soft route. If you really want something you can shake to (and if that’s not what you’re looking for than you really shouldn’t be here) Elektropical Fever Fest is inaugurating new nights in Sala Barts. Electro cumbias, dubstep, drum and bass, and some sauce that we’ve never heard of before: Moombahton. For the purists out there, check out the charming Papa Orbe y Los Turpiales Sabaneros (video aquí). That might be enough to get you over to the free tickets we’re sorteando AQUÍ. Y si llegaste a leer esto tarde, you can get tickets aún aquí: http://ticketdog.es/barts-club/elektropical-fever-fest-sabado-3-de-mayo/

But if you wanna kick straight to the elektropical stuff, pues tienes de sobras: Territorio Comanche (Barcelona), El Timbe (Barcelona), Guacamayo Tropical (Madrid), Ovni Guarajé (Madrid) and Rafael Aragón (Paris). You can add all the lasers and elektropical sounds that you want to a cumbia base and it still won’t take away the fundamental percussive base that makes sweaty sex manifest in song.

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