C/ Manigua, 4-6 y 8
08027 Barcelona, Guinardó
Mon-Thu: 18h-0h
Fri-Sat: 18-2h
As the story goes, six years ago two ladies ended up with a bar in their laps, quit their other jobs and started serving coffees. That lasted a figurative five minutes, understandably, and they debated specializing in wine, gastro niceties or beer, the latter being the one of the three they most enjoyed. At that time, however, beer in Spain was still seen as little more than la hermana fea del vino. They threw caution to the wind. Today, 2D2Dspuma is a bar, a large shop, a warehouse and a distributor. They have by far the largest selection of beers in this shortlist as well as the most extensive collection of home brewing tools, pumps, cooling devices, colored bottle caps, barley bags, and on and on. They can hook you up with a full starter kit for 260 euro (there are cheaper, just-ferment kits that go for 90 euro). While others may know how to brew better, they likely know the market better than anyone else around, and have even started exporting select local beers, which is awesome.

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