The End is Near,
so It’s the Beginning

Here we are at the end of what has been a very weird year, except for on the music side of life, where everything was amazing!

!!! (chk chk chk)
Sala Apolo, Dec 12th

It’s a shame we’re not living in a republic, but on the other hand this means that we can proclaim !!! the kings of the city. Their name can be annoying to pronounce in a regular conversation –“chk-chk-chk”–, but their new song Serbia Drums puts the band back on my playlists with a fresh dance-rock sound. The coronation takes place at Sala Apolo on December 12th. Make sure to come properly dressed to properly undress.

El Petit de Cal Eril + Ferran Palau
Sala Apolo, Dec 20th

El Petit de Cal Eril and Ferran Palau are also playing Apolo on December 20th. You don’t need to choose a side, as the Rebellion and the Empire celebrate them equally. They never stop selling out shows. El Petit released a new album this year, Energia Fosca, and so did Ferran with Kevin. Seeing these local heroes live is the traditional thing to do around here.

Toy Dolls
Razzmatazz, Jan 18th

The Toy Dolls are celebrating their 40th anniversary by releasing their 13th album, Episode XIII. Let the Star Wars vibes continue. I never refuse a good English punk band, and you’d better buy your tickets now because when people realize how powerful their spinning guitars and choreographies can be, it will be sold-out chaos. Crim opens for them at Razzmatazz on January 18th.

Angel Olsen
Razzmatazz, Jan 26th

And, finally, one of the most expected tours hits Barcelona. Angel Olsen is back bringing us All Mirrors. She can make a stone heart feel innocent and naive again. Her lyrics and velvet voice are gentle whispers that somehow give me a little hope a little hope for human beings. If you need her music hug, come to Razz on January 26th for this aural comfort food.