It’s official: options for ocio in October are off the chain. Even the pickiest snob backpack geek fan will have their head turned by what is cosmically sizing up to be a virtual cultural climax. One of the large corporations that sells fizzy beverages to teenfolk is once again putting up big bucks in the name of dance floor greatness with a program of events from 11-16 October. The highlight of the RBMA Weekender is indubitably Wednesday the 12th, with an all-dayer at Els Encants. National treasures such as Abu Sou, El_Txef_A and Pional support the Spanish debut of Chicago legend Mr Fingers, aka Mr Larry Heard, who plays live after a twenty-year lacuna. Can you feel it?

Skip that Google Calendar all the way to 27 October and make yourself a note that you’re busy that evening. That’s because your correspondent is urging you not to miss the new voice of soul in our city. Rosalía is a maestra of styles, respected as much for interpretations of traditional flamenco as for collaborations with contemporary artists like C Tangana. This date at Caprichos del Apolo pairs her with the multitalented Refree, who launch their fresh project this very evening.

If you want off-piste clubbing this October, then BCN Més has got you. Unlikely to be promoted ‘til late in the day, the Sunday-night series Cercle have caught the eye of Norwegian journo-baiting prankster DJ Sotofett who is on his way round Spain to peddle his raw house sounds. Macarena is a very intimate spot with a sunken booth ideal to eye the oddball selections of this outsider artist. Record hawkers Bobby Garcia (Discos Paradiso) and DJ Bruce Lee (Rhythm Control) complete the bill.

The rest of the month, in short: 36th anniversary of the opening of Studio 54 Barcelona, 9 Oct in BARTS; Death In June*, 11 Oct, Salamandra 2, L’H; Mike Cooper and Sun Color, 28 Oct, Miscelanea.

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* Death in June stand accused of being a fascist band using Nazi and/or National Bolshevik imagery to promote racism, hate and other bad stuff. We take the accusation seriously but cannot pretend to know the truth in this case. We ask that you look into it yourself and make your own decision.