Here comes a strange one, The Art House Expo #2 at La Fab on April 28th. It’s somewhat difficult to figure out what they are up to. Are they organizing a legal graffiti happening outside of Barcelona where artists can go nuts on the many bare, beige walls that the 1970s industrial building compound on the carretera Vic has to offer? An all-day campo extravaganza would surely be worth the 13.50 euros for the shuttle bus that connects Barcelona with La Fab (the coach leaves Barcelona at 12:30 and returns at 23:30). But it doesn’t stop there. There will be workshops held by graffiti artists, jam sessions, a photography exhibition, live music, a vintage / flea market, food stalls, a BBQ, a blood donor bus, an electric vehicle company presenting its products, and, and, and… Maybe less is more? Or might the terrain just be so big that there’s space for everyone and everything? There’s only one way to find out and that’s taking the bus. And guess what the bus company is called!? Trippin Tours! Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to visit.


But, should you decide staying around town is more up your alley, I have a different type of tripping to entice you, mon Cherie. Do you know Victor Nubla? If you do, and you’ve been to one of his concerts, then you know what’s coming. If you don’t, then get ready for a crazy night as Eat Meat invites the Nubla to cloud your mind with who knows what. This Barcelona mainstay, artist, experimental musician (very), avid street puzzle piece collector (since 1984), alt festival curator, writer and videographer could do any number of things with the Gràcia space. It may involve cityscapes, shrieking clarinet, and extreme levels of absurdity. It will be neither boring nor unoriginal.