Three options this month (in here, at least). Two of them are shiny and new and have cropped up in Barcelona just recently. The first of these is the Museu Europeu d’art Modern (MEAM), Barna’s newest official “museum”. It occupies the Palau Gomis in El Born on Calle Barra de Ferro, 5 (Sí, Calle Montcada y alrededores pueden llegar a ser todavía más agobiantes) and is the first Spanish museum to dedicate itself so wholeheartedly to representations of the figure. The collection spans from the end of the 19th century up to the present with 272 works on display currently, mostly paintings.

The next newbie is an oldie but a goodie. ROJO®Artspace has a new home. The new venue (the old one was closed last year without so much as a hint as to where or whether they’d be back) opened on the 8th June on Carrer de Bailén, 86 with an exhibition by Spanish painter and graphic designer Valero Doval. His compositions are journeys through printed ephemera, his collages an unlikely intersection between pure, hard geometry and soft memory. His balance is simultaneously casual, poetic and acrobatic.

And, Montana Gallery deserves a hello this month for Montreal-born artist Astro’s exhibition, up until the 3rd of July. With obvious comic and Japanese influences, the pieces fit almost too perfectly into the fluffy Barcelona we-love-graf-manga-and-googly-eyed-alien-creatures- slashteddy-bears thing that’s been going on here for years. Although this scene, at least locally, is on its last legs, Astro pulls it off nicely by creating busy and diverse communities of characters on top of dirty, tagged-up walls. The layers work surprisingly well.