All the music freaks go on and on about Primavera Sound these days – how long the line-up, how alt the bands, how big the stage… If only Barcelona’s art world had something similar to offer – an annual highlight, a must-go-to. The upcoming contemporary art fair, Swab (24 – 26.05), could have been such an international, annual stage, but somehow the event lacks grandeur. Where Primavera lists over 200 artists, Swab counters with a list of just over 50 galleries. There are some Asian, US and Brazilian participants but many are from Barna, too, like N2, ADN, Montana and Mito. And not that the Fòrum is a particularly great venue, but the Pavelló 2 of the Fira is not a grand location. The only perk is the price for the abono: Only 25 euros for the entire “festival”! Toma ya! That’s a quite a bargain compared to San Miguel’s event. The drinks will probably also be of better quality, the queues shorter, and believe it or not, Swab even has a couple of bands lined up. Borreals? Internet2? Hidrogenesse! That name will ring a bell, for sure.


If 25 ueros for the abono or 10 euros for the day (16h – 21h) is more than you’re willing to invest for a bit of art market grandeur, hop on the tram towards Poblenou. The Tallers Oberts take place that same weekend and invite you – free of charge – to stroll around galleries and artists’ works spaces like Nauart (they will host a little art market), The Private Space, Hangar, Pentáculo, La Escocesa and many more.


Last but not least, Miscelänea opens a new exhibition on May 23rd at 20h entitled Zoolandia, pencil drawings of human animals / animalistic humans by Michal Powalka from Poland. Even if the drawings only entertain the eye for a little while, stay on and join the Lucky Dragon and Sunny Graves concert.