The La Pan team didn’t manage to pull another ModaPan together before the end of the year but they are working on it and promise an alternative art + fashion event for the beginning of 2012. In its place, they open a group show on December 17th at 18:00h called Women’s Lines with, as the name suggests, works by female artists from around the globe, eleven in total, most notably, three up-and-coming Chinese artists with an acute sense for textures and a fetish for manchas and monsters.


Galería Setba might also be worth a try this month. They are so convinced of the quality of their current exhibition Quin és el teu paper? that they’ve started charging 2 euros entrance free. This one’s better be good… On December 17th however, admission shall be free since it’s the official Jornada de portes obertes (17:00h – 20:00h). Cava and the artists themselves await those who climb up the two flights of stairs leading towards their spacious gallery on Plaça Reial to see (and buy) the 36 works that play with paper’s possibilities.


Last but not least, since it’s “What-the-heck-can-I-buy-my-partner- in-crime-for-Christmas” time, the art fair at the collaborative artistic work space Espacio Infame in Poblenou comes highly recommended. 16 artists based in Barcelona, the mayority of them residentes at Infame sell their obras and limted edition prints to affordable prices. Sonia Pulido is but one out of many excellent creatives who participate. The fair runs until January 5th and is open from 17:00h to 21:00h from Monday to Sunday excluding “fiestas-fiestas” like Christmas Day and New Year. If you can’t make it during the afternoon, give them a call to arrange for a private shopping tour: 600795531 or 676876258.