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Let’s do this – for once – chronologically. January 19th, Otrascosas de Villar-Rosàs: As all those people who work in “autonomo mode” on a project-to-project basis know, no client (no matter how “cool” they seem at the first meeting) will care about how you got there or how long it took you. What matters is the final product (that they didn’t like the third time but weren’t able to specify at the 10th meeting…). Yet, as corny as it may sound and as easy as it is to succumb to routine, we must never forget that the journey is the destination. An international bunch of premier league designers hopes to bring the process back into focus with the exhibition/colloquium Manifesto Project. The event that starts with a talk at 19:00h and showcases “manuals” from over 20 designers who reflect on creativity, project culture and work in progress.


January 25th, Nogueras Blanchard: Fran Meana has risen to fame at the speed of light. The art student takes part in Art Jove; the Barcelona gallery Nogueras Blanchard “discovers“ the Asturiano and sends his art work to the ARCO in 2009. Two years later and the CGAC has bought several of his works while Fran dreams of Miami. 2012 and he’s back in town to open an exhibition at his “alma mater”. Expect abstract installations à la “I-could-have-done-that” with witty captions and, on second thought, an interesting play on social norms and western-centric viewpoints.


February 9th or 10th or 11th (with The Influencers you never know…): JR is in town to present InsideOut. The French street artist is famous for gluing XL-scale portraits of ordinary people to city walls. He got world-wide exposure when he stuck the faces of Israelis and Palestinians on that nasty Separation Wall. InsideOut is the online platform that enables communities to do the same: how to mix super-glue and free-order large-scale photographs.

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