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Mark Dix has been down with Mes since it was Week. A rank and file autónomo de mierda, he is wont to be involved in events of the market and music type in between spinning records and playing the occasional game of pick-up basketball. He lives in the Raval with his better half and three felines.

Music | Force Major

By |2018-07-24T16:01:52+02:00July 24th, 2018|#72, Agenda, Music|

In the best traditions of a true Catholic society, Barcelona imposes strict codes of conduct 51 weeks a year before cutting capers for a week or so, depending on your barri. This month, Més puts you up on a c ...

Music | March Madness

By |2018-02-28T18:29:15+01:00February 28th, 2018|#68, Agenda, Music|

March is the best month of the year. Not only are the ghastly winter months over, but the clocks leap forward and our bank balances are back up to scratch. It’s also the birth month of Ron Jeremy, Dave Eggers ...

Music | Laut is Back

By |2017-06-08T14:29:16+02:00June 8th, 2017|#61, Agenda, Music|

Loads to get through this month, pen pals. I’ve largely skipped the main event and its offshoots, as there are many more dates that are worthy of our attention and will wither and die without our support. Rea ...

Music agenda: Release

By |2016-12-12T13:30:11+01:00December 12th, 2016|#56, Agenda, Music|

I’ve often thought that music, like the food on sale at traditional markets, should be seasonal. Of course you could listen to Calypso all year round if you wanted, but that doesn’t accompany the climes of an ...