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Acerca de Melissa Leighty

Melissa Leighty is the owner of Salut Wine Studio, a tasting room in the Born focused on Catalan and Spanish wines. She began her career in wine through her work as a food and travel writer. In her spare time, she continues to write for a number of local and international publications including Roads & Kingdoms, Spanish Wine Lover and Miniguide and is working on a book about Catalan wine regions. In addition to running Salut, Melissa teaches WSET courses for Wine Courses Barcelona and runs wine tours to the Catalan countryside.

Kibbe Recipe

Por |2020-07-06T14:44:24+02:00diciembre 5th, 2019|

Kibbe Recipe 1. The Dough: • 250g pumpkin or butternut squash, peeled and cut into equal sized pieces • 150g fine brown bulgur wheat • 1/2 tsp Lebanese 7 spices* •  ...

Banh Mi Recipe

Por |2020-01-09T23:43:02+01:00octubre 8th, 2019|

Banh Mi Recipe Makes 4 sandwiches • 2 baguettes or coca bread, halved lengthwise • 400 grs chicken breast or pork loin • 1/2 Dutch cucumber, sliced lengthwise • 4 ...

Deep-Fried Eggs!

Por |2020-01-10T11:16:08+01:00septiembre 3rd, 2019|

Deep-Fried Eggs With Chili Chorizo Caramel Recipe Ingredients for 2 • 4 eggs • 1⁄4 cup of flour • 1⁄4 cup of breadcrumbs • 2 egg yolks • 1 brown onion, finely diced ...

Steak Tartare

Por |2019-06-20T17:55:40+02:00mayo 20th, 2019|

Ingredients for 2 [separator type="thin"] · 150 grams beef tenderloin, fat removed, minced · 1 egg yolk, beaten · 3-4 teaspoons capers, roughly chopped · 3 tablespo ...

La Vinyeta

Por |2019-08-28T14:02:36+02:00noviembre 21st, 2018|

It’s a zoetrope. Two boys playing leapfrog, the phases of the moon, a man attempting a long jump. When you twirl a bottle of La Vinyeta’s Puntiapart, the drawings o ...

Casa Mariol

Por |2019-08-28T14:05:22+02:00octubre 3rd, 2018|

It’s always nice to have wine with a side of rock n’ roll. Need a pairing for Garnatxa Negre? “All I Want Is You” by U2 and a side of olives, says Casa Mariol. A yo ...

Celler Tuets

Por |2018-10-03T10:17:43+02:00septiembre 26th, 2018|

When Albert Domingo sees me searching around for a spittoon, he nods toward the nearest sapling. “Spit on the tree,” he says with an earnest shrug. “It will totally ...


Por |2019-08-28T14:06:20+02:00junio 6th, 2018|

Some say it’s Edetària's panal, that deep sandy soil built upon layers of sediment traced with lime. Some might say it’s the wind, which carries maritime influences ...

Finca Parera

Por |2019-08-28T14:06:01+02:00mayo 7th, 2018|

Walking through Finca Parera, we stop by a small garden, which looks more like a jumble of weeds. Rubén Parera bends down and plucks out a stalk of celery, a handfu ...

Partida Creus

Por |2019-08-28T14:06:58+02:00abril 11th, 2018|

Massimo Marchiori looks more like a fisherman than a farmer. He’s sporting a blue down vest, tattered jeans, and worn work boots. His bald head is concealed under a ...

Parés Baltà

Por |2019-08-28T14:03:31+02:00noviembre 7th, 2017|

It’s the tail end of the harvest season, and the small laboratory at Parés Baltà is abuzz. The family is in there - the whole family - testing the season’s spoils. ...

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