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Plastic Paella: War To Waste

Por |2020-01-10T12:50:57+01:00junio 30th, 2019|

No four-word sentence in the English language can strike greater dread into one’s heart than “My parents are coming.” It’s not that I don’t like my in-laws. I love visiting them in their house, but any visit ...

Sex Advice: We Wee

Por |2017-04-21T12:49:07+02:00abril 21st, 2017|

Hi Prithika, I have a problem. When my girlfriend gives me a blow job, I can’t climax. How common is it to not be able to reach climax with oral sex? My lady and I both enjoy oral sex and she is very good at ...

Nude Pics and Fuckus Groups

Por |2017-04-19T16:37:37+02:00abril 19th, 2017|

Hi Prithika, This guy I’m seeing wants me send him nude pics. I want to, but then I hear of people’s ‘leaked’ nude pics online. I’m already worried about all the naked and semi-naked pics of me out there! Sha ...