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Open Your Mouth

Por |2020-03-08T15:03:17+01:00marzo 4th, 2020|

Gorgeous and graceful. This is Poliça. Channy Leaneagh fell from a roof and had a serious spine injury that left her with limited mobility for months. As she recovered, taking care of her body and soul, we g ...

Hard Times

Por |2020-01-30T18:12:31+01:00enero 27th, 2020|

If we can’t dance, it’s not our revolution Time flies, fellas, so we better make the most of it. Explosions in the Sky are celebrating 20 years of powerful and passionate instrumental music in Sala BARTS on F ...

A New Hope

Por |2019-12-09T12:10:11+01:00diciembre 9th, 2019|

The End is Near,so It’s the Beginning Here we are at the end of what has been a very weird year, except for on the music side of life, where everything was amazing! !!! (chk chk chk)Sala Apolo, Dec 12th It ...

Monster Music

Por |2019-11-08T13:10:24+01:00noviembre 8th, 2019|

From California to Iceland and back again     Shaken, not stirred. Maybe that’s how Bond would describe Cass McCombs. The songwriter is back in town at La Nau on the 11th presenting his not-so-new album ...

Live Music

Por |2019-09-13T13:35:12+02:00septiembre 3rd, 2019|

12.9.2019 Nada Surf Sala Upload Summer festivals not only create gaping holes in our pockets, but they also bring the small-format concert agenda to a complete halt. Now that we are headed towards autumn, I ...

Blessed Be Thy Sound

Por |2019-06-30T15:53:07+02:00junio 30th, 2019|

Do you also feel like July is the month to update your relationship status with Barcelona from “happy in love” to “head over heels”? This is best weather and, I’d say, the best time to kiss each and every ...

From Taiwan to L’H

Por |2019-06-06T13:14:34+02:00junio 5th, 2019|

Summer is coming and festival season is officially on. Don’t worry if you drank away all your spending money for the season buying beers at Primavera Sound, because June has a lot of high quality and decently ...

Cloud Control

Por |2019-05-01T14:14:09+02:00mayo 1st, 2019|

Molly Nilsson composes your soundtrack to a lone walk along grey Poblenou buildings. Her tune is that first ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds on questionable mornings when you don’t know which coat ...

Music in April

Por |2019-06-19T15:22:47+02:00abril 3rd, 2019|

The literary month of the year is jam-packed with sonic nuggets so let’s get right into it. First up is Dominique A at Apolo on the 3rd. He considers himself more of a chansonnier than a musician. Camus-level ...

music | Pink Punk

Por |2019-06-19T15:22:58+02:00marzo 1st, 2019|

The music world ain’t no cakewalk for women. How often have I had to tell people that no, I am not with the band. No, I’m not here to see if the singer is good-looking. No, this is not my boyfriend’s concert. ...

Music | Musical Horoscope

Por |2019-02-01T12:57:23+01:00febrero 1st, 2019|

Pim, pam and it’s time to leave the winter behind. Here comes the solar music revolution (if slowly). I’ve added some astrology to this monthly music mix to embrace a world of “change”. I’m a half-believer at ...