Bear on Bike is an organic, local, seasonal and sustainable culinary project from catering to cooking classes. Alberto Zanrosso and Ella Galt are at the helm. We reached out from a Barcelona under quarantine to ask Ella how they’re holding up, how the virus is affecting Bear on Bike and their co-kitchen Espai Egg, and how they think we’re going to come out of this crisis. It turns out they’re the pro-active types.

Our entire series of Corona Diary podcasts are available here on our website, as well as on Spotify and Ivoox.

To sign up for one of their Confinement Kitchen courses, click here. And for their Instagram account, here.

Last but not least, here is a little breakdown of the concept behind the Confinement Kitchen, what they’re offering/cooking, and how you can get involved right now from wherever you are:

Hard times await us all, in Spain & Italy we are in lockdown for the next two weeks at least and should only leave home when absolutely necessary. We here at Bear on Bike really believe that good things can come from this rare moment of empathy and solidarity, and that we can get through this all together and come out stronger.

We cook for a living, we love our job and we love sharing our knowledge, so we thought a great way to make the most of this time would be to cook together online. We are going to offer live streaming cooking classes for anybody who would like to join in, for free or with a small donation if you like.

These Bear on Bike classes will be interactive and social and as well as the day’s recipe, you might also learn some Italian words and expressions, or hear some songs and stories- who knows what is gonna happen.

See you soon,
Alberto, Ella & Flea