Gracian is the name of this bodega, of one of its owners, of that owner’s father, and of that father’s father. So, yes, this is a family business, and another one born of The Great Decline (let’s see if that name for this crisis sticks). The youngest Gracian decided it would be better, given the economic climate, to open a bodega instead of serving copas in someone else’s. So, together with Uncle Santi, he bought a kebab joint from a couple of Pakistanis (the first we’ve heard of a failing shawarma spot in Barcelona), ditched the axle of spinning meat, and returned the old bodega to a modern version of its former self.

It’s small and square and lovely. An old wood-framed Grundig radio is restored and functioning (complete with mic/aux input) and Gracian (the second) covered the flatscreen with a roll-down wooden shutter so that, yes, you can make a bit of cash when Barça plays but, no, the bodega isn’t a classless trash-fest. Take note, Manolo. Buenas bravas at 2.50 euros, anchoas they clean and cure themselves, and delish tortillas + pa amb for 3.50 euros.

Where: C/ Rocafort, 106
When: Tuesday – Saturday: 11:30-00h // Sunday: only when Barça plays
Web: Facebook Bodega Gracian


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