C/ Manso, 42
08015 Barcelona, Sant Antoni
Tue-Sat: 13:30–15:30; 20:30–23:00
Bohèmic deserves so much more than this nugget. A family-run, fine-dining establishment, our go-to in poorer moments and dry spells between family visits: the bravas. If you haven’t tried them you’re a chump. Chump! But now, Bohèmic’s terrace is chef Mandu’s street food experiment Nomade. Desperate to play a game our ajuntament seems unwilling to allow, he’s made his own rules. A paper menu pasted to a bottle, bamboo trays and plastic forks, and all of the prices right near or under €5. Squat lobster dumplings (deadly!) top the price list with good cause. A generous mango and crab salad at €4.35, Peking duck, chicken curry samosas, your excuses to be at Bohèmic more frequently.

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