Proof this is the “best-kept secret in Poble Sec” is that the first thing to pop up when you search ‘bomi poble sec’ is that same review. Bomi hasn’t been recommended in food blogs, and overzealous gastro-gramers wouldn’t find a worthwhile photo in here if their lives depended on it. What they would find, however, is a little Japanese restaurant that has been quietly winning over local clients with friendly service, price-quality ratios that put other Japanese joints to shame, and a strange calm. There’s a television, but the heroes that run Bomi have found the mute button and opt, instead, for traditional Japanese music to accompany the gargantuan photo of sumo wrestlers watching over you while you eat. Yes to a good €8 menú any day of the week, but super-yes to the miso (yes, there are differences), the yakisoba, the teriyaki chicken and the portions. The sushi ain’t bad either. Seriously, this was the best-kept secret in Poble Sec.

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