I’m claiming this izakaya for the Raval, given that we have no other Japanese restaurants to speak of in the 08001 and the joint is on our bank of the soon-to-be swanky-ass Ronda de Sant Antoni. Bouzu, or Buddhist Priest in Nipponese, opened up in 2011 under the watch of Fukuoka-man Ryuji Murakami, with the intention of offering affordable Japanese bites and pandering to no one. The restaurant has little superfluous detail about it. With the exception of some dishes being removed and a specials board that evolves at a glacial rate, next to nothing has changed on their laminated menus in the years that Més has frequented. The decoration is dark but elegant. Their website is down and one of the hand dryers is broken. Let none of that discourage you. Order yourselves a mess of lil’ dishes like Hijiki seaweed, marinated jellyfish or summer rolls with tuna, tomato, asparagus and parmesan before making a meal of the butterfish, tempura or tidy sashimi selection featuring dope mackerel slices. If you’re still hungry, you may want to fill up on the okonomiyaki dish that some people liken to Japanese pizza. Down it all with industrial Japanese beers, obligatory sake, and plum wine to go with your pudding. You’ll be treated right and you’ll return fijo.

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