If you’re about to blurt out, “No way can bowling be a good date,” then you shut your mouth right now. Bowling is the perfect date to whip out once you’ve demonstrated culinary prowess and let shine your sense of humor. There are so many reasons this is a good idea. So many. First of all, don’t think of bowling as just bowling. Bowling is also drinking. By default, bowling is joking, because, yes, it’s a bit ridiculous. It’s a slow game for athletic overeaters, alcoholics, and you and your new beau, because between every roll there’s time for celebratory dance (show him/her how you shake your groove thang), a kiss, a self-deprecating comment, or a sip of sauce. It gets better after dark when they turn the lights down, the music up and project a disco glow across the lanes. After 22h, get two games and a copa for 12 euros (cool shoes included). Open till 3:30 in the madrugada. Oh, yes.

Where: Avenida Doctor Marañón, 11
When: Monday – Thursday: 10-00h // Fridays, Saturdays and pre-holiday evenings: 10-02h // Sundays and public holidays: 10-23h

Web: bowlingpedralbes.com