[quote align=”right”]Brisas do sil
[gdl_icon type=”icon-caret-right” color=”#000″ size=”12px”] Plaça de les Navas
[gdl_icon type=”icon-caret-right” color=”#000″ size=”12px”] 08004 Barcelona, Poble Sec
[gdl_icon type=”icon-caret-right” color=”#000″ size=”12px”] Mon-Fri: 8h-00:30h
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[/quote]Back when a love affair with Poble Sec was nothing more than twinkle in many a local eye, the obras masivas in Plaza de las Navas to construct a 9.100m2 parking lot with 339 places seemed the shittiest idea, like, ever. But now that the shiny-new plaza playground is flooded with resident families from all over the globe every afternoon (most diverse spot in the city?), it’s looking pretty good. And, if everyone can park underground, can we get more pedestrian streets? Ventura González Alvarez, 27 years into running Brisas Do Sil with his family at his side, has come out on top as well. His restaurante gallego, proudly “o rei do pulpo” (y del lacón y pimientos de padrón y gambas al ajillo), now sports one of the best terraces in Barcelona (not debatable) with 13 terrace tables, loads of space, sun and shade, neighborhood comings and goings, delicious food made from ingredients trucked in from Galicia every Friday, and priceless human warmth that makes you believe it when they call you cielo.