Carrer del Call, 26
08002 Barcelona, Gòtic
Mon-Wed: 11h-22:30h
Thu-Sat: 11h-23:30
So, you can tell from the name of the place where this is going. You want a medal? Or a butifarra? Those are your options. The right answer, of course, is sausage. Metal is actually one of very few things a Thermomix can’t handle. It can spit out a mean salchicha, which is exactly how Butifarring create test sausages before producing the best of them in quantity. And there’s more futuristic technology in this otherwise simple return to ye olde Catalan hotdog stand. A machine takes your £oot and spits out change and receipts so the chefs don’t touch your filthy fiver with the hands they use to brown your buti. And what a buti it is!

The Classic starts at €3.90. Not exactly dirt-cheap but damnnn tasty (bread’s good, too). Also, grab the seasonal buti de calçots served with you-know-what on top (while supplies last: €5). Patates al caliu (€2.50) are sizable and will help fill you up without breaking your bank. Oh, and there’s no bad beer, only Montseny. Odds are you won’t fawn over the decor, or the location, really, but extra points for setting up something local, traditional and quality al costat de Plaça Sant Jaume (read: reclaiming the gòtic) and keeping the signage in català.

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