[quote align=”right”]Café Manila
[gdl_icon type=”icon-caret-right” color=”#000″ size=”12px”] C/ Ronda Sant Pau, 7
[gdl_icon type=”icon-caret-right” color=”#000″ size=”12px”] 08015 Barcelona, Sant Antoni
[gdl_icon type=”icon-caret-right” color=”#000″ size=”12px”] Tue – Thu: 10h – 1:30
[gdl_icon type=”icon-caret-right” color=”#000″ size=”12px”] Fri – Sat: 10h – 2:30

Fede and Alex set out to make a great gin & tonic in their bar Ultramarinos on calle Sant Pau and, since, have mixed up a line of G&T aromas and their own gin. They don’t sit still much. Now, from one Sant Pau to another, they’ve turned the corner onto the Ronda and into their new restaurant: Café Manila.

The locale received a full-on makeover with the help of local interior designer La Manufacture. Café Manila has a bit of everything: a sizeable terrace (coming soon), an entry that doubles as bright café during the day and street-side wine/tasting area at night (ojo: at present they only open at night), a long, wide and actually inviting bar, and a sizeable dining room where the real magic happens. Isaac Massuheras is a name you should remember because you won’t quickly forget his food. At the moment he’s focusing on traditional market cuisine, fine tuning his kitchen and opening Café Manila up to the world. If his future experimentation is anything at all like the xató, the mongetas con chipirones, el chutney con mató…exquisite. It feels a bit like we have a La Pubilla down here where Sant Antoni, Raval and PSec meet.