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Salads (legumes, grains and cheeses), char-grilled meats, and sandwiches with soul.


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Kitchen, Brewery & Specialty Coffee.


Sobre Caravelle


When a menú del día is too much, you’re tired of the Mediterranean cuisine, and you lack the ganas to roll the dice on the sketchy looking joint up the street, it can be tough to find the right place to eat in Barcelona. Basically, it’s salad and sandwich time. But if the idea of a bocadillo is about as appetizing as chewing on pladur and an ensalada of iceberg and three olives is a bit lacking, head to Caravelle.

A couple (Brit + Aussie) opened this gastropub where El Fortuny once sat, promising to pack it with salads (legumes, grains and cheeses), char-grilled meats, and sandwiches with soul. The menu will remain short and change often, and the emphasis is meant to stay on the food (read: very minimalist design). A sandwich (not enormous in size but packed to its breaking point with quality ingredients) per person plus a salad or chips with artichoke alioli between two will do the job and keep the total under €20. Try the bacalao rebozado sandwich while it’s still on the menu. Caravelle stands up to the test.




¿En qué barrio estás y por qué?
El Raval, because it is still a real neighbourhood.

Nombra tres clientes habituales… 
Faki, but he went to New York. The tall guy with the curly hair, but he went to Madrid. Dave from Betty’s, when we’re lucky.

¿Qué deberían saber tus clientes de tu negocio? 
We make all our food from scratch and we have craft beer on tap. Our tacos rule. And our coffee is better than that other coffee joint where that handsome hipster guy makes the coffee. And we are more than just a pretty brunch……Hold on, did that sound desperate?

Si tu bar/restaurante/café fuera un animal, ¿qué animal sería?
A slow cooked pig.

¿De qué color(es) son las paredes? 
Blue and White.

¿San Miguel, Estrella, Moritz o Estrella Galicia?
Prefiero la cerveza buena.

Los que vienen por primera vez tienen que probar: 
Everything. Twice.

Algo que nunca pondrías a un cliente:
Less than 92 percent.

Si tuvieras que elegir solo dos: bueno, bonito y barato ¿cuáles dos serían?
All three are possible. No excuses.

¿Qué harías con 100.000 euros? 
Open a taco joint.

Nombra hasta 3 bares, restaurantes, shops o locales barceloneses favoritos:
Grey Street BarcelonaBetty Fords, Pollo Rico.

¿Qué es lo más raro que te han pedido? 
Don’t ask.

Meat or vegetable?

¿Qué es para ti un Happy Hour?
A full docket rail, happy faces, empty plates.

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