Ajo Bike

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Te metes por el Raval y te pierdes. Callejeas. Vamos, lo que se viene llamando "ravalear". Ilusos, creíamos que conocíamos el Raval como la palma de nuestra propia mano, pero nos llamaron los chicos de Ajo B [...]


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Bànitsa C/ Diputació, 188 08011 Barcelona, Eixample Esquerra Mon-Fri: 11h-21:30 A traditional Баница would be doughier and shaped differently, but the same phyllo wrapping is present even in Mikhaela Mikhaylo [...]


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Montana C/ Comerç, 6 08003 Barcelona, Born Mon-Sun: 10h-21h Montana is known enough already for its spray paint, but we aren’t interested in spray. We want the markers. And the Barcelona shop stocks around 10 [...]

El Recibidor

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El Recibidor C/ Viladomat, 9 08015 Barcelona, Sant Antoni Mon-Fri: 16h-20:30 Sat: 11-14h; 16-20:30h Once upon a time two of the three friends that opened this vintage furniture shop worked in publicity and de [...]

Fatbottom Books

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Fatbottom Books C/ Lluna, 10 08001 Barcelona, Raval Mon-Fri: 17h-21h Sat: 11-15h Fatbottom... after lurking in the shadowy straightaways of Poble Sec for a long time, like the anti-heroes they hock in self-pu [...]

Grey Street

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Grey Street, Raval. Hidden in the heart of Raval you will find Grey Street a gift shop with a little bit of everything from stationery and local artwork to vintage clothing and yummy teas. Una tienda de regal [...]


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Çukor Carrer de Verdi, 58 08012 Barcelona, Gràcia Tue-Fri: 16:30-21h Sat-Sun: 12-21h Peter and Manu worked on projects for Casa Portuguesa (RIP). Peter and Javier worked together in candy land, fathering bubb [...]


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You can go to Lukumas for two things: 1) to see and even speak to one of the oh-so-few Greek small business owners in Barcelona surviving the equally insurmountable Spanish economic crisis, or 2) doughnuts. N [...]

Granja gráfica

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We print this newspaper monthly. We send PDF files via an FTP program to a server in Lleida. Thousands of newspapers arrive on our doorstep the next day. Is there work involved? Oh, hell yes. But it doesn’t q [...]


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And here you were, thinking the Spanish were the pimentón leaders of the world. Fool! These Hungarians are out of control. There’s so much paprika in here you’d think the shop was named...oh. So you get the i [...]

La Fabrique

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You cannot know what lies behind any given door in Barcelona. The zulo that is Escudellers can dump you into a charming first floor flat with a tranquil, gargantuan, cel obert terrace. A tiny bakery on an unk [...]

Deu Dits

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We are princesses, walking on perfectly flat floors, laid and buffed for our cushioned feet and puffy, pink little toes. Our path is the polished cement of art galleries and the geometric repetition of Passei [...]


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For some – not including anyone of Polish origin – going into Krakoviak is a giant WTF!? No clue in here, whatsoever. I mean, I can tell that beer is beer and that pickles are pickles (oooohhh pickles I’ve be [...]