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FAQ News | 1

Por |2019-09-03T17:08:52+02:00septiembre 3rd, 2019|

En F.A.Q News los mitos urbanos, la conspiranoia, la mitología y la criptozoologia se dan la mano con el entramado urbanístico y social de Barcelona. Unas ‘Fake Ne ...

The Port

Por |2018-09-14T12:18:38+02:00septiembre 14th, 2018|

Barcelona is one of many seaside towns with a booming port and no natural harbour. The two need not always go together, since modern ports are the stuff of megalith ...

Racó del Mariner

Por |2016-09-09T11:24:01+02:00junio 2nd, 2015|

Racó del Mariner C/ de la Pau, 1 08930 Port Fòrum Mon–Fri: 7h – 16h We published an article a couple of months ago now about how we, the people, lost our port (in r ...


Por |2015-08-26T17:18:42+02:00agosto 13th, 2014|

Filferro C/ Sant Carles 08003 Barcelona, Barceloneta Mon-Sun: 10h-1h The sun is shining and the weather is sweet, yeah. And the Barcelona gold we’re pulling out of ...

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