The Metro

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When it comes to moving about Barcelona, some prefer the bus so as “to see the city”. Others prefer the metro, presumably to avoid having to look at it. This, of course, is not what they say—they’ll cite mor [...]

This month @BCN Més office

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Hojas en los árboles a principios de abril: 0 ~ Hojas en los árboles a principios de mayo: 230.000 ~ En kilogramos, polen inhalado: 2 ~ Coches aparcados por el barrio totalmente repletos de polvo en los que [...]

La Carta

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It should come as no surprise that the more equal a society, the happier its citizens. Social cohesion and life expectancy increase and and the population finds itself healthier, with fewer hospitals, which [...]

Cloud Control

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Molly Nilsson composes your soundtrack to a lone walk along grey Poblenou buildings. Her tune is that first ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds on questionable mornings when you don’t know which coat [...]