Chapultepec {ENG}

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When Itzli in El Born closed (Itzli Barceloneta is still in action), we followed it across town to less exorbitant rents. In its more modest environs in the somewhat up-and-coming Nova Eixample Esquerra, Café Chapultepec’s (new location, new name) food is as authentic and affordable as ever. This is perhaps the only option on this list that is a place to go any and every day of the week. An order of totopos with guacamole, for example, will set you back 4.80 Euro, which we find very respectable compared with the 7 Euro-plus that other places charge these days. We understand avocados aren’t the cheapest fruit around, but that’s highway robbery. Our favorites here include chilaquiles, the enchiladas (rojas o verdes) and the surtido of chicken, pork and beef tacos, again at the reasonable price of 5.35 Euro for three tacos. And many thanks to the jefe, Roberto, for keeping our Negra Modelo and Pacífico in stock and at a very doable 2.60 Euro each.

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  • I found this place thanks to your website. Every now and then i end up there for some big fat burritos. Its a nice little neighbourhood restaurant. prices are just about right.

  • Lo siento, pero tengo que decir que la suciedad y la desorganización de esta cafetería me dejaron desconcertada, lamento profundamente decir esto, ya que su comida no está del todo mal, sin embargo he comido mejor y “caliente”.

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