Cod and Garlic Confit Tortilla Recipe

Ingredients for 2

• 2 cloves garlic
• Olive oil
• 90 grams dried cod, desalinated*
• 3 eggs
• Pinch salt
• Pinch pepper
• Pea shoots (optional)

*This can be done at home easily enough or you can order it already desalinated from your local fishmonger. Be sure to taste some before cooking to make sure it’s not overly salty.

Barietés · Ronda de Sant Pau, 5 · Sant Antoni •és

The around Paral·lel theatre district is booming these days, and Barietés, a tortillería dedicated to making the best egg dishes in town, is one of its newest additions. Chef Bruno Zubek shares the challenge of creating a varied menu based on a single ingredient and the secret to a great homemade tortilla.

What is the name Barietés all about?
It’s actually a play on words, a combination of bar and varieties.
How can you create so many amazing dishes from one ingredient?
It’s the part of the job that scared me the most before I accepted it. After my formation at Hoffman and a host of other positions at interesting restaurants, I was worried it would be boring to work only with eggs. Then I realized how interesting such a creative challenge can be, to perfectly execute one ingredient in a variety of ways.
What’s the most important ingredient in this dish?
With so few ingredients, the quality of each ingredient becomes vital to the success of the dish. At Barietes, we use only 100% ecological eggs and top quality cod. Aside from what’s in the pan itself, a nonstick pan is arguably the key to a perfect tortilla.

How to:

  1. In a small casserole dish, roast the whole garlic clove in its skin, drizzled with olive oil, in the oven at 90° for 20 minutes. While the garlic is roasting, peel the other garlic clove and slice.
  2. In a small nonstick pan, heat a thin layer of oil over medium heat and then add the sliced garlic. Fry the garlic to a light golden brown, flipping if necessary, watching carefully to not burn it. Remove from the oil, drain on a paper towel and set aside for garnish.
  3. Crumble the cod.
  4. When the garlic clove is finished in the oven, remove from the skin, mash with a fork and mix it with most of the crumbled cod, reserving some for garnish. Put the mixture in a pan over low heat with a little olive oil and cook for a few minutes until it releases its moisture a little.
  5. Crack the three eggs into a bowl, beat a little and add the cod with its garlic confit, a pinch of salt and pepper, mixing well.
  6. Add a small drizzle of oil to a nonstick pan over high heat. When it’s hot, add the egg mixture.
  7. Stir it with a silicone spatula until the bottom begins to set. Leave to set completely and then cover with a plate, flip the tortilla onto the plate and slide it back into the pan.
  8. Wait a few minutes for the other side to set, but leaving the center slightly runny, and then slide it onto a clean plate.
  9. Add the pieces of the crumbled cod, sliced garlic chips and pea shoots or other microgreens to the top and serve warm.