Colmado Gràcia
Travessera de Gràcia, 193, 08012 Barcelona, Gràcia
Tue-Fri: 7h-2h
Sat: 9h-2h
Sun: 11h-17h

Colmado Gràcia is on the worst street in the known universe, but so is Quinoa, and Quinoa kicks ass, so we gave it a go. The locale is narrow and charming and, when full, must remind the waiters of Gràcia’s sidewalks, replete with mean grannies ice-staring you into submission with their killer carritos. Fortunately we, the vermuters and tapeadores, sit comfortably sipping and snacking and the wait staff have to do the weaving.

We’re putting El Colmado, like Mont Bar, in the modern-classics category, but as a far more affordable option. A simple menu features some tapas, fresh marisco perfect for your vermut, homemade tortillas and quiche. And we offer our respect for using old iron meat grinders as lamps and soap dispensers and for rejecting “Scandinavian” for a more Barcelona-based and modestly tasteful recycled interior.

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