Pim, pam and it’s time to leave the winter behind. Here comes the solar music revolution (if slowly). I’ve added some astrology to this monthly music mix to embrace a world of “change”. I’m a half-believer at best, but Astrology and music have this labeling thing in common, and I love to see the way people organize their vinyl. It says a lot about them. Not that labeling, people or music, is really my favorite practice but hey, we have to start somewhere. And so we shall.

So why not start the month off with Tomomi Kubo and an ondes martenot? A what? Yes, an ondes martenot. Get up close and personal with this unique instrument and its beautifully waving sound, a kind of theremin oscillation. Next up, like an eclipse of the heart, some wily promoters mashed Pussy Riot & The New Day, the Minifestival de Música Independiente with Kristin Hersh and Tachenko, all into the same day! I will go for Kristin, the muse of Throwing Muses. She’s a Leo. My birth charts and gut instincts are telling me to recommend (strongly) that you attend Yo La Tengo and classic Echo & The Bunnymen. So, yeah, do that. Unless, of course, you are in more of a Gemini mood, in which case Festival CaraB is right side up for you.

If you’re a Virgo you’ve surely already bought tickets to Greta Van Fleet (because if you haven’t, you’re a crap Virgo and it’s sold out). Gambeat Festival people will bring some contemporary NY punk with Surfbort, as powerful and seductive as a Scorpio. And we also have the BIS Festival presentation party with local talents Luces Negras and Black Desert Lizard, but we have no zodiac joke to add. To finish off these happy music predictions, I definitely recommend the Screaming Females and Tank and the Bangas. Watch out, Susan Miller (@astrologyzone).