Travel back to the 60s, 80s and 90s

The live music scene this month will be stressful for some and super exciting for others. In my case, it has been really hard to limit my selection to this itty-bitty word count. Let’s go straight to the point then.

Razz 2

Sebadoh: the best way to start a conversation. A lot of people talk about Lou Barlow as the ex-bassist from Dinosaur Jr. “Ex” because he was expelled. Maybe for being too cool. This band is labeled “90s”, although they sound different in every recording. They’re authentic and fun live, like expensive jeans, and this time they’re in Razz 2 on the 10th. Classy and quality.

White Lies
Sala Bikini

I will get to see White Lies live at last! These three guys from the UK could totally be the Depeche Mode/New Order of the future. Netflix should produce a documentary about that. It’s cool that the band has it all and yet still isn’t very popular. I never tire of their pop-goes-post-punk formula. See you in Bikini on the 19th to check out their new disc: Five. High.

Sala Apolo

If you already miss summer, Allah-las sounds like the sunset. Many bands have been trying to do the 60s psychedelic revival thing, but what I love about the Allah-las is that they ride that wave but also sound unique, contemporary. This concert at Apolo on the 22nd would be a perfect fit for my white-wine pool party in my villa in Menorca, especially if I had a villa in Menorca. If you do, feel free to invite me, though I’ll probably have to decline, as there will surely be a concert I want to see that day and I wouldn’t change BCN for anything.