Cosmo Cash and Carry

Two different Consums and a Condis today and we couldn’t find hummus. Dear Spain, we know you’re behind. We know it’s not entirely your fault. We also blame fascist dictatorships (those of us that can) for our country’s shortcomings. But hummus is not exotic. Please, get your shit together. Now, dear reader, if you’ve expressed similar sentiments, here’s some good news: Cosmo Cash and Carry is the world in a shop. Main man Anas has stocked this simple but spacious locale with 3500 products. We don’t doubt him. There are products from Pakistan, India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the Phillipines, Thailand, the DR, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ghana, Morocco, Syria, Israel, Dubai, England, you get the idea. And Anas has plans to grow the list of African products by 150 in the coming months. Every spice we can think of is on offer, whether for whipping up a bomb curry or mulling some wine. 100g bags only cost between 0.55 and 0.80 cents.dona you’d pay about 1.25 Euros for 40g).

Where: C/ Sant Antoni, 11
When: Monday – Saturday: 9-22h


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