Carrer de Verdi, 58
08012 Barcelona, Gràcia
Tue-Fri: 16:30-21h
Sat-Sun: 12-21h
Peter and Manu worked on projects for Casa Portuguesa (RIP). Peter and Javier worked together in candy land, fathering bubbles of sweet surrender. Now, together, the three run Çukor, a new artisan confectionary in the old Casa Portuguesa. Marshmallows (nubes) that deserve their name. They’re homemade and taste homemade; a return to the candy and caramels of old (the boys even dabble in medieval recipes), back when sweets also had nutritional value. Ever had a fresh yogurt-covered raisin? A chocolate-covered almond? They call them grajeas and you’ve never had them with this much amor. Handmade fudge, bonbons, caramels molded into insane shapes, candy canes and workshops (for adults). Every Thursday a different theme. Kiddies on Sundays. Treat yourself to treats.