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d’Aquí /strong>
C/ Venus, 1-3
08012 Barcelona, Gràcia
Mon-Fri: 9h-16h; 19-21h
Sat: 11h-15h
Cécile looked for a space she could see straight through and found it six months ago on the quiet c/ Santa Tecla. Entering d’Aquí you have a clear view past the cash register into the kitchen and out back to the ficus tree on the patio. The transparency lends itself perfectly to this mostly-takeaway café that does its best to adhere to Km 0 principles. Their values line up like this: quality 1st, locally produced 2nd, price 3rd, and bio 4th. Produce, eggs, milk and meat are almost 100% from Catalunya. Most of it is bio/eco, but when price becomes exorbitant (with beef, for example) they source local, quality products. Their pasta a la griega (so, so good!) is made, as are all similar dishes, with fresh pasta prepared just a few blocks away. Fresh milk by Raphel Lladó is for sale in the fridge next to Ecoplans Lluçanes yogurts. The Thursday paellas and fideuas are the product of 3 long hours of Hofmann-trained chef David’s tender loving care (it’s all in the caldo).

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