We are princesses, walking on perfectly flat floors, laid and buffed for our cushioned feet and puffy, pink little toes. Our path is the polished cement of art galleries and the geometric repetition of Passeig de Gràcia. We wouldn’t last one day in the natural world. No wonder we suffer from a lack of direction and purpose. Who am I? What am I doing? Why am I doing it? Some might argue that the answers to these questions will best come to you if you’re clinging to a rock with nothing below but a 100-meter drop down the face of Montserrat. These people, of course, are the crazy ones, the ones that might invest all of their time and money in finding a 600m2 warehouse in Poblenou and designing, building and outfitting gigantic fake rocks so they can practice acrobatic insanity, thus achieving inner peace.

These people are Joan, Salvador, Lidia and Pep, and they run Deu dits, Barcelona’s newest (though moved from their former space) and, arguably, largest indoor climbing gym. Socio-monkeys pay €40/month to climb all over everything whenever they want. You can go for a day for €10. Or get a 4-hour starter class from Lidia for €30 more (they call that a “baptism”). Good luck thinking about your boss, your ex or your Audi while your fingers cramp and slip, slowly, from the only grip you have left.

Where: C/ Pamplona 106-108
When: Monday – Friday: 10-22
Web: Facebook Deu Dits Barcelona Climbing Gym


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