1. Avoid the direct approach. Few of us want to be tackled by the slobbery St. Bernard of Love. Move like the leopard instead: sniffing out its prey from a distance, unseen in the moonless night, close enough to be felt but not feared.


2. Employ the power of suggestion. Use well-timed and ambiguous comments to get them to think it’s their idea. But don’t overdo it; the flower of passion grows little by little.


3. Cultivate an air of suspense. Send mixed signals and openly entertain the attentions of others. Don’t be afraid to stir up a little jealousy. Neighbors covet each other’s asses all the time; God made a whole Commandment about it.


4. Pay attention to detail. Information is key in war, business and love. Listen to their inner world and indulge them unexpectedly. “I have tickets to the Yoko Ono concert this weekend. Didn’t you do your thesis on Yoko Ono?”


5. Isolate the object of your desire. Contemporary teenage literature shows how a pale blood-sucking creature of the night can captivate a young woman’s heart by forbidding her from seeing her friends. When the outside world is kept at bay, time stops and only two remain…


6. Blur fantasy and reality. Make references to untapped potential (“I’ve always wanted to live on a farm,” “My great-aunt was Cherokee,” etc.). By allowing both your fantasies to roam, you forge a common mythology for a shared future.

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