Ecuasucre refused us photographic permission so we’ve chosen this lovely lady instead. Lucky you because the interior of Ecuasucre is dark and horribly lime green. The television is way too present as well as too loud and when you walk in (if you’re white, black, asian or anything that does not resemble Ecuatorian) you’ll feel immediately out of place and stared at. But get past all of that an into the food and you’ll understand why this joint is included in this shortlist.

Dishes float around 10 euros each and are, for lack of a more impressive term, massive. Do not order a starter and a main per person. Order a churrasco that comes with rice, fried eggs and avocado or the chaulafán, which is as mountainous as the country itself, and friggin’ delicious. If you’re going big and/or agree that avocado is the world’s most perfect food, their avo salad is simple, fresh and kicking when you add Ecuasucre’s most excellent homemade hot sauce to the mix.

Where: C/ Floridablanca, 37
Web: NEIN!

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