Hood // La Ribera.

Good // el•local48, an old textile factory, has 20 co-working spaces in total: the downstairs eight are 150 x 150cm (140€/month) and the upstairs twelve are 200 x 100cm (170€/month). The nice wooden floors and other well-preserved features from its former life add a nice encanto. Access: 24/7. Insurance policy in case something horrible happens to the stuff you leave inside? Yes.

Bad// If you’re tall, opt for the downstairs or the left side of the upstairs (the ceiling slopes). If you can’t handle a bit of background noise after 19h, look elsewhere.

Fantastic // Smoking an occasional ciggie inside won’t get you killed, or even looked at funny. A full bar spans the right side of a common area blessed with cushy easy chairs and brown leather sofas. And, while the bar is technically for classes, workshops and shows that take place on the spacious, hardwood plató, there ain’t nothing wrong with a gin and tonic with your co-worker bees after a long daily grind.