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Flax & Kale
C/ Tallers 74B
08001 Barcelona, Raval
Mon-Sun: 9:30-23:30h
If trends and bubbles discomfit you, you may want to buckle your safety belt and put your tray table into its upright and locked position before entering Flax & Kale.

If you’re not taken aback by the location, size, style and the gargantuan remodel required to open this flexitarian restaurant, you’re probably not unsettled by large sums of money either. Shiteloads of pasta (not the kind you’re about to eat) went into filling this epic corner locale with light, tables galore, a ventilation system out of Total Recall, a huge open kitchen, and a second-floor, apartment-sized, glassed-in fridge (calling it a walk-in would just be rude). Staff everywhere, another big fridge dedicated to their own line of cold-pressed juices, floor-to-five-meter-high-ceiling wine racks, you get the idea.

Once you calm down and are seated by a woman with a headset and a very professional approach, you can read the simple and commendable food philosophy on the menu. To simplify to a sentence: eat good, real food, mostly plants. And here comes the kicker. Yes, this is hyper-trendy, but the trend has extreme value (for the world). Yes, prices are too high for mileuristas, but the quality (in many senses of the word) is outstanding, and there are ways to tapear a buen precio. So go ahead and lower your tray table. This is very far away from airplane food, and if the future tastes like this, it’s going to be an absolute pleasure.

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