Summer is coming and festival season is officially on. Don’t worry if you drank away all your spending money for the season buying beers at Primavera Sound, because June has a lot of high quality and decently priced concerts to offer. A good one you will enjoy is Las Odio at Fàbrica Moritz on the 22nd. They have it all: quality lyrics in Spanish and a contemporary mix of the Bush Tetras with 60s and surf sounds. Songs like ¨Indiespañol¨ and ¨Yo lo vi primero¨ will introduce to you the local alternative music scene. They sing about 3D printers and relationship goals and they do it with loads of postpunk attitude.

Everybody has that know-it-all friend who loves to point out that they saw this or that band long before they became famous and boringly mainstream. Well, it’s payback time. Trust my guts and go to La Nau to check out Sunset Rollercoaster, a Taiwanese band that sings in English. Their first concert in Barcelona will take place on Friday 21st. At first I had a mixed feelings listening to this dreamy synth-pop because it can sound a bit like cheesy romantic songs from the 80s, but once you get into their sound, you’ll feel like you could listen to those chilled-out tunes in a loop forever and ever.

Also, the newish Sala Zowie in L’Hospitalet is doing its best to become an alternative music church on the outskirts. Their FAC Week, from June 13th to 16th, is a good opportunity to escape the crowded city center and join in. Great bands like Pony Bravo from Sevilla or Disco Las Palmeras! from Galicia will be there and you won’t regret checking out the great acoustics they have down there. Trust your BCN Més ambassador.