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C/ Escudellers, 42
08002 Barcelona, Gòtic
Mon-Sun: 10h-23h

Not vegan? Love a burger? Ex-meat-eater-turned-veg? Do you still dance the butifarra? Well, this is our Barna vegan burger joint. Should a rural butcher happen into Gopal he or she would likely be very confused. What the coño are these patties and sausage rolls doing next to militant animal liberation posters?! Fortunately, Gopal is perfectly positioned for local downtown veg heads, their tourist counterparts and, when we were last there, hordes of conscientious pre-Primavera Sound hipsters. No rural butchers in sight. It features here not only for the eight different patties they hand-make, but also as a fast, affordable vegan option that is, depending on your selection, organic. Not many spots can swing that and keep it cheap. Burgers from 4.80€ (not small). And three menú options: 6.90 euro or 7.90 euro. If your amigos pesados demand animal flesh, send them down c/ Còdols to Menjar per Emportar where Faruq will sort them out.

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