The three of us have extensive work experience in restaurants, bars and catering events. Two of us are from Holland, and have worked in restaurants around the world – to name a few countries: Austria, Argentina, New Zealand, Italy, Holland, and Spain. The other one is from Colombia, and has lived in Tel Aviv for a long time.
Together we have witnessed and cooked in many different cuisines, from around the world.


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[gdl_icon type=”icon-chevron-right” color=”#222″ size=”12px”] ¿Cómo te llamas?

[gdl_icon type=”icon-chevron-right” color=”#222″ size=”12px”] ¿Cuál es tu estilo culinario?

[gdl_icon type=”icon-chevron-right” color=”#222″ size=”12px”] Nombra tu plato estrella y quizá uno o dos platos más que preparas a menudo:
• Curried pork belly with fermented cabbage and mint-yoghurt sauce
• Octopus with spinach-potato mash and chorizo butter sauce
• Patatas Guerras (Bravas style potatoes with mayonnaise, Indonesian peanut suace and raw onion)

[gdl_icon type=”icon-chevron-right” color=”#222″ size=”12px”] Umm, ¡Suena bien! ¿Podrías explicarnos en qué consiste alguno de estos platos?
Slowly roasted pork belly, smeared with curry powder, in slices. Home fermented Chinese cabbage, kimchi-style. And a refreshing mint, garlic and yoghurt sauce on top.
Slowly poached and afterwards pan-fried slices of octopus tentacles. A soft mash of potatoes, mixed with softened spinach, butter, milk and roasted garlic. Topped with a rich butter sauce with small slices of chorizo.

[gdl_icon type=”icon-chevron-right” color=”#222″ size=”12px”] ¿Te preocupa lo ecológico?
We buy everything at the market and make everything ourselves. Nothing we serve is store-bought.

[gdl_icon type=”icon-chevron-right” color=”#222″ size=”12px”] ¿Por qué te interesa el movimiento street food?
Although we’re not associated with the Slow Food movement, we are a big fans of it’s goals and philosophy. Street food has, at least in Europe, the stigma of being fast food that’s bad for the public health, a quick fix. It doesn’t have to be. We think street food has the potential of bringing people together, and let them enjoy different cuisines and, therefore, cultures. Getting acquainted with different cultures through food has nothing to do with a quick fix; it satisfies more than a hungry feeling. Street food backed by the philosophy of Slow Food is a healthy and enriching way of enjoying good company and wonderful food.

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