The Green Farmer

Rafa and Antonio, farmers-cum-organic-shop-owners, had a snail problem that found them in their fields for two to three hours a night with lanterns picking the little feckers off their plants. Solution? Buy something that likes eating snails. Aha! Natural intelligence. And now you get to buy fresh organic duck eggs in Raval (yes, they’re good). The shop is mostly packed, however, with fresh fruit and veg and a high percentage of filipinas. Again, natural intelligence: the green farmers took Barcelona’s neighborhood demographics into account and thus sell a wide variety of locally l’arboç-grown asian vegetables (¡flipa!) alongside kilos of pumpkin (4,000 stockpiled kilos so as to last all winter), onions, radish, eight varieties of aubergine, apples from Logroño, potatoes (euro and asian), homemade tofu and so on. Urban and vertical agriculture workshops soon to come. (Normally open from 13h to 22h.)

Where: Corner of Valldonzella and Joaquín Costa
When: “Normally from 13 – 22h”
Web: They’re growing one on the farm?


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