If we can’t dance, it’s not our revolution

Time flies, fellas, so we better make the most of it. Explosions in the Sky are celebrating 20 years of powerful and passionate instrumental music in Sala BARTS on February 3rd. They don’t play: they generate atmospheres, and BARTS is a great place to appreciate this post-rock band from Austin, as their hypnotic and intense sounds make us all float together.

I’m not a big fan of staying out too late, but I am willing to destroy my Sunday morning to be able to dance to the most recent Digitalism release, “JPEG”. The German duo will be performing at Razz on February, 15th, with strong beats to dance to with your eyes wide shut. I’m also waiting anxiously to hear “Pogo” again, one of my favorite songs ever, heavily featured in all of my party playlists.

Algiers are more necessary than ever. Antiracists, antifascists and anticolonial, they will play their dystopic soul, free-jazz and post-punk at Razz on February 29th. These are real activists with a real message and they communicate it through a ritual we usually call a concert. Can we improve as human beings just listening to them? I hope so, because we need to be stronger.