Homo Sibaris/strong>
Plaça d’Osca, 4
08014 Barcelona, Sants
Sun-Thu: 17h-00h
Fri-Sat: 17:30-2h
It is said that in the 6th century in the Greek colony of Sybaris the citizens amassed great fortunes, slept on beds of rose petals and danced away the nights in euphoric haze of wine and song. Or so the stories go. Fifteen centuries later, new sybarites have come to colonize one of the greatest plazas in Barcelona. Pleasure seeking shall once again reign king! Guillem, actually a trained sommelier as well as co-founder of the esteemed and well-established La Cerveteca, has replaced grape with barley, hop and yeast with the help of two friends and three family members. You, future convert, can enjoy a great variety of beers, several of which you will not find elsewhere, largely due to the fact they make them themselves. One example is the Sants Espasa Nocturna ¡Black Dale Dale! 100% Funk Beer. Another is Sexapils, currently on tap, conceived and brewed by the owners in Flix. You’ll have to go once a month to keep up to date with their new-brew production rate.

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