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C/ Cabanes, 23
08004 Barcelona, Poble Sec
Tue-Thu: 11h-1h
Fri-Sat: 11h-19h

Ikki ditched Raval for Poble Sec. It’s for the best. Their old locale was a dank split-level basement + altillo space that was just too dark and, on occasion, a bit too stinky (Raval’s fault). Their new locale is a bit beyond the border of the PSec where food and fiesta tend to take place. But, walking an extra five minutes to be somewhere less crowded and less repetitive than Blai? Yes, please!

And there lies Ikki, on a corner with large glass panels, shining like a beacon of barrio. There are entrances on both sides and a recessed bit creates a covered terrace. Perfect for smoking in the rain. Drinks come with a free tapita made by chef Yuki (Japan), and this is not the bottom of the barrel stuff; there’s love in Ikki (say it with a pause between the K’s, like Ik’ki; only then does it mean, down the hatch, bottoms up, let’s get drunk together). Yuki, together with Daniela (Italy), wants to run a bar where everybody knows your name. Humble, working class, honest. Regulars hike over from Raval to nosh on the chicken burger. A new burger (de salmón rebozado) is inspired by a Japanese street food classic and is delicious, fresh, filling and €5.70. Everything is affordable. Keep an eye out for their temaki sushi nights (a DIY sushi extravaganza more authentic than the stuff you’re used to) and Daniela’s homemade liqueurs.

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